Celebrate Fremont's 50th Anniversary Blog: What a Beautiful Sight

Friday, September 01, 2006

What a Beautiful Sight

To support the vision of Celebrate Fremont – “Bring our community closer together”, the Education Team embarked on the portable mural project. The idea is to have all of our high schools work on 6 murals representing the people and the 6 districts of our City. We have American and Washington High Schools working on Niles District; Kennedy on Coyote Hills; Irvington High on Warm Springs and Irvington; Mission San Jose High on Mission District; Fremont Christian School on Centerville; and Fremont Chinese School on the multiple cultures of our City.

In putting together these paintings, our teachers and students dedicated many hours of research and hard work during summer. Every stroke and every color on the art piece is carefully calculated and contemplated. We hope that when people see these murals at the Park, they will not just see beautiful artwork, but the beautiful minds and souls of our teachers and students who have demonstrated the true spirit of Celebrate Fremont – Unity is Strength.