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Friday, August 18, 2006

It's a Hit!

10 Reasons why Fremont Day @ the A's was a homerun!

10. Getting to cheer on the A's with over 5,000 Fremontonians
9. Can you say dollar dogs? (not to mention peanuts, ice cream and nachos!)
8. Witnessing the A's 15th win in a row!
7. Seeing Mark Ellis' 3 run homer
6. Getting a free pizza for Mark Ellis's homerun
5. Tailgating with Celebrate Fremont
4. Watching Sue throw out the ceremonial first pitch of the night!
3. Raising $25,645 for Celebrate Fremont @ the Park
2. 30,000 people seeing the Celebrate Fremont logo on the scoreboard!
1. The hope that the A's will come to Fremont one day =)

Check out more pictures from the game in the Fremont Day at the A's gallery! And be sure to vote for Dennis Eckersely in the DHL Home Town Heroes Sweepstakes by clicking here !

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