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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Scrumptious food, vibrant colors, tons of fun!

Mmmmm...! Samosas! Kulfi! Tandoori Chicken!

Boy did we have a good time this weekend at the Federation of Indo Americans Festival and Parade. The weekend festival was expected to draw almost 60,000 people. It probably did! The Fremont Courthouse grounds were packed with Indo-Americans from all over the Bay Area. The festival drew an diverse array of Fremontonians too!

The event included a parade, dance performances, and a health fair. Food vendors sold everything from samosas (vegetable-filled Indian pastries) to kulfi (ice cream).Click here to see the pictures!

Celebrate Fremont participated in the parade on Sunday. The birthday cake was a big hit! We won an award for our float! The parade was vibrant with different Indian cultures.
A group of Indians from the island of Fiji spent three days designing a cardboard replica of a train designed to haul sugar cane, the industry that employs many Indian immigrants onthe island.
Nearby, Indo-Americans from the Indian state of Rajasthan rode in a model of the Palace on Wheels Train, a famed luxury train.
A float constructed by members of the Fremont Hindu Temple trailed behind a Jesus-themed caravan built by the International Christian Center of San Jose, whose pastor, Chris Nallan, said included several Indo-American members.
Aboard a float constructed by the Indian youth organization Hindu Sangam's, children acted out the epic story of Ramayana.

The weekend festival is the largest Indo-American festival in the Bay Area. It is always held around August 15th in order to salute to the Indian Independence Day, which was Tuesday.