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Monday, July 24, 2006

Take me out to the ...Ballgame...

A's Game tickets are going like hot cakes! LAM Research has purchased 2000 tickets! What a homerun! Hooray for LAM! NUMMI also bought 1000 tickets!

Well its no surprise to us. The "Fremont Day @ the A's" is sure to be spectacular!

Celebrate Fremont and The Oakland A's are celebrating Fremont's 50th Anniversary on August 16 @ 7:00pm. The event is co-sponsored by Lam Research Corporation.

Tickets are $10 off Plaza Infield Seats, with $5 going to Celebrate Fremont!

Go to our website for the order form before tickets run out! The deadline for purchasing tickets has been extended to August 9th. You still have some time to grab a seat!

This is a chance to reach out and network with our friends, families, colleagues, neighbors, co-workers, fellow club members, and religious groups to come together," observes Irene Koehler, chair of the Celebrate Fremont steering committee. "What a beautiful sight it would be to demonstrate our unity by wearing Celebrate Fremont 50th Anniversary T-shirts to the game!"

You can buy a t-shirt on celebratefremont.org

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