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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Speaking of Niles...

His shoes were too big for him. His derby hat was always falling off. But with his trademark moustache in tow, Charlie Chaplin always managed to find trouble.

And where did he find trouble you ask? On the sets of his hilarious movie sets --in our very own Niles district!

Learn more about his adventures in Fremont. Go on the heritage tour this weekend! You'll see Historic Niles and learn about Essanay Studios, where Chaplin filmed his knee-slapping silent movies!

Also...Celebrate Fremont's future committee is organizing a "Where's Charlie Chaplin?" hunt for the celebration on September 9 & 10. Find all the Charlies scattered around the park and win an awesome prize! It'll be lots of fun!

Can you imagine Tom Cruise hanging out on Mission Blvd (minus the crazy of course)? Well we bet that's what it was like when Charlie, an internationally renowned superstar of his day, made movies in our very own Fremont.

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