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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Not just in California

We all know that Fremont, California was named after the John C. Fremont.

John C. Fremont arrived in the 1840's to map a trail through Mission Pass. California’s admission to the United States and the Gold Rush stimulated further migration to the area [that is now the city of Fremont], attracting people from all parts of the world.

He also inspired communities across the country to name their city after him. We have to admit they have great names but none quite match the California version :)Check it out:

Fremont, Alabama
Fremont, Indiana
Fremont, Iowa
Fremont, Kentucky
Fremont, Minnesota
Fremont, Missouri
Fremont, Michigan
Fremont, New Hampshire
Fremont, New York
Fremont, North Carolina
Fremont, Ohio
Fremont, Pennsylvania
Fremont, Tennessee
Fremont, Utah
Fremont, Virginia
Fremont, Washington
Fremont, Wisconsin

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