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Monday, August 28, 2006

Fremont Tomorrow

The Future team has a bunch of fun planned for the September 9,10 event in the "Fremont Tomorrow" section of the park!

Over 2000 surveys were collected and counted over the last year. The survey asked Fremontonians, "What do you want the future of Fremont to look like?" The survey results will come alive at the "Street of Dreams" at the park! Top survey results include: BART to San Jose, more open spaces, better after school programs, a more upscale shopping and restaurants and much more. The Future team has literally and physically created this "Street of Dreams" for you. There will be a performing arts center with entertainment, a schoolhouse where families can learn how to write poetry, and even a city hall where you can have your say about the future of Fremont!

"Fremont Tomorrow" will also have local companies like NUMMI, AC Transit, and BART will also bring their latest innovations, green projects, and state of the art technology to the Future area. You'll get to see the new hydrogen fueled bus, a green car, and much more!

CERT and Fremont's finest are coming together to provide emergency preparedness training for all of Fremont's families. On September 9,10, you'll be able to learn what to do in case of an earthquake, fire, or other natural disasters. This is important stuff!!!

The team is also helping to put together a contest! This is going to be a lot of fun! When you register, you'll be given a stamp card. Find the Chaplins scattered around the park, get your card stamped, and win lots of cool prizes!!!

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