Celebrate Fremont's 50th Anniversary Blog: A Handy Update

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Handy Update

Hands Around the Lake, is just around the corner - come join over 1,400 1,700 + (the number just keeps growing!!) fellow Fremont residents as we join hands around the entire Lake Elizabeth!

Have you registered yet?? If not, the great news is that you have some choices! You can still register via the the Hands Around the Lake registration form OR you can drop by the Celebrate Fremont. If you've already registered, come by the office to pick up your t-shirts then you'll be all set for Saturday, Sept 9th.

Be sure to get to the Lake early on Saturday morning, so that you will have ample time to get in position. You may want to bring some sunscreen and a lawn chair. Are you ready for this fantastic historical event? We sure are excited!

The Celebrate Fremont office is located at:

4589 Eggers Dr, Fremont, CA
(510) 790-9352

Click Here for Office Hours for picking up T-shirts
Click Here for Directions

For more info check out the nifty Hands Around the Lake Power Point deck! See you there!