Celebrate Fremont's 50th Anniversary Blog: Shakespeare Part Deux : The Present

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shakespeare Part Deux : The Present

Our Fremont brothers and sisters wrote some lines about the present day Fremont as well!

What talent we have in our city!


I love the shimmering orange coat covering the tall eucalyptus trees at Ardenwood Farm. The old train invades this sacred grove and suddenly the coat dissolves into thousands of glorious monarchs heading skyward.

I love the crowded soccer Saturdays at Lake Elizabeth. The vibrant uniforms – purple, pink, blue – dancing in the warm sun. Whistles, hoorahs and lots of cheers.

I love the cool morning breeze that dances through my yard, wakening the leaves so green and hearing the Bluejays chime in to greet a new day.

The hot yellow sun as a furnace beats down, warming the heart of our beloved Fremont, causing the sweet fragrances to burst into bloom and fill each little nook of each little room.

I breathe in the scent amidst towering structures with ribbon and scissors too large to make use of. The crowds look with awe and a grand pleasure a plenty as their home passes from a mere passage to ---destination. The land between AutoMall & Mission has become the mecca of commerce and rest.

I love summer barbeques by the creek; splash in the blue water; enjoy the golden sun, spending time with family and friends, ball games on the great green fields – a glimmer of perfection.

I love the special beauty of the occasional storm that frosts the lush winter emerald grass of Mission Peak.

I love Fremont, especially on the night hours.
It becomes so quiet and serene.
All the night bugs wake aup and start chirping. The light breeze starts. It feels so fresh and exotic.