Celebrate Fremont's 50th Anniversary Blog: Flying off the canvas.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Flying off the canvas.

Wow! Did you see the murals at Celebrate Fremont at the Park? They were awesome! Everyone is talking about them.

The murals have great detail and colors. They embody the wonderful diversity of Fremont. And they've got real personality!

The Fremont stories. The Fremont people. The Fremont emotions. They just fly off the canvas.

The murals were painted by our local high school students and are now on display at the Fremont Main Library. Students from Fremont Christian School, Fremont Chinese School and American, Kennedy, Washington, Mission San Jose and Irvington high schools painted the murals all summer long.

Take a look at the fruits of their hard work!

"Every stroke and every color on the art piece is carefully calculated and contemplated. We hope that when people see these murals at the [Library], they will not just see the beautiful artworks, but the beautiful minds and souls of our teachers and students who demonstrated the true spirit of Celebrate Fremont --Unity is Strength."

Ivy Wu