Celebrate Fremont's 50th Anniversary Blog: October 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Fremont Cultural Arts Council has selected about 100 photographs (out of a record 300+ submissions) from Fremont photographers for it's 13th Annual Juried Photo Exhibit.

The opening night exhibit will be on Friday Oct. 27th from 6:30-8:30pm in the Fukaya Room at the Fremont Main Library. There will be some light refreshments. The award ceremony will be around 7:30pm. It’s a fun event and a chance to meet lots of photographers in our community. This year, in honor of Fremont’s 50th year, there will be an additional special category for photos of Fremont, her citizens or various activities in Fremont, with awards provided by Celebrate Fremont.

Come and vote for your favorite for "People's Choice!"

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shakespeare Part Deux : The Present

Our Fremont brothers and sisters wrote some lines about the present day Fremont as well!

What talent we have in our city!


I love the shimmering orange coat covering the tall eucalyptus trees at Ardenwood Farm. The old train invades this sacred grove and suddenly the coat dissolves into thousands of glorious monarchs heading skyward.

I love the crowded soccer Saturdays at Lake Elizabeth. The vibrant uniforms – purple, pink, blue – dancing in the warm sun. Whistles, hoorahs and lots of cheers.

I love the cool morning breeze that dances through my yard, wakening the leaves so green and hearing the Bluejays chime in to greet a new day.

The hot yellow sun as a furnace beats down, warming the heart of our beloved Fremont, causing the sweet fragrances to burst into bloom and fill each little nook of each little room.

I breathe in the scent amidst towering structures with ribbon and scissors too large to make use of. The crowds look with awe and a grand pleasure a plenty as their home passes from a mere passage to ---destination. The land between AutoMall & Mission has become the mecca of commerce and rest.

I love summer barbeques by the creek; splash in the blue water; enjoy the golden sun, spending time with family and friends, ball games on the great green fields – a glimmer of perfection.

I love the special beauty of the occasional storm that frosts the lush winter emerald grass of Mission Peak.

I love Fremont, especially on the night hours.
It becomes so quiet and serene.
All the night bugs wake aup and start chirping. The light breeze starts. It feels so fresh and exotic.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Shakespeares in Fremont - Part I

We had a unique opportunity at the Celebrate Fremont @ the Park event last month. In the Fremont Tomorrow section of the park, Fremontonians of all ages and cultures sat down and learned how to write poetry.

They wrote about Fremont's past, the present, and the future. The Niles' Rotary Club wrote a poem about Fremont's past. Here is Part I of what the Shakespeares of Fremont had wrote about our past last month at the CF @ the Park event:

I am my pale white shoe slapping the damp ribbon of concrete
hugging the curve of the lake, again and again
as my moving feet carried me around the duck-shrouded body of water.
Evidence of bird passage occasionally spattered
as my body moved through the early summer morning run.

I remember the thunderous claps of flame
spewing dragsters disappearing into the darkness
at Fremont Drag Strip.

I remember the chug, chug, chug
Whistle, wind, cold, smoke
Gliding the rails in Niles Canyon
At Christmas time
With the train lights
Reflecting off the full white moon.

I remember the soaring red-shouldered hawks
soaring in the cool breeze
above Mission Peak in the crisp autumn morning.

I remember the golden glow of grass and the red sunset
on the long long summer day
as I traveled through my mind on the windy trails of Mission Peak.
Motion was not present.

I remember driving through the Sunol Grade at sundown
just as the sun touched the horizon
and the golden rays of light lit up the fields of yellow mustard turning them to California gold.

I remember that springtime drive through Niles Canyon,
filtered sunlight casting eery shadows through the Eucalyptus Cathedral.
The creek boiling, swollen from winter run-off…
We played with the sunlight, then shadows, mysterious at every turn…Welcome Home!
Spring always returns me to the Fremont of my youth.
White & pink flowers cloak the bare brown skeleton’s
of apricot & cherry trees.
Bright yellow mustard flowers cling to plants
and lift softly in the bright blue sky,
while tri-colored blackbirds fill the air
and I breathe in the earthy smell of fresh turned earth.

I remember Fremont 1963 moving here- “the big country”
cows, orchards, mustard weeds, wildlife, big yards, bumpy roads
my father’s commute to S. F., no transit system,
no BART, no Lake Elizabeth to speak of,
Blue Gill fishing in cow hollows
then my brothers to Vietnam dark days
Bittersweet days being young, full of hope.
Training around Lake Elizabeth later.
Bringing my children here.
Feeling pain here.
Life around a lake.

Take a minute and think about the things you love about your past in Fremont... submit a comment! Add your own line... your own mark... your own signature... to our poem about Fremont's past!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Still Raving...

Celebrate Fremont Education Team Members
with Mayor Wasserman and Superintendent Gephart.

Fremont is still raving about the murals from Celebrate Fremont at the Park!
Well... you're blog team rolled up their sleeves and got to the bottom of WHO was responsible for those murals! Congratulations to all of the schools who participated. We are so proud!
Fremont Christian School artists
Mission San Jose High School artists

Fremont Chinese School artists

Kennedy High School artists

Thank you for giving the city and its citizens such a wonderful, long-lasting gift!

Thousands of people saw the murals at Celebrate Fremont @ the Park! And now everyone else has a chance to "ooh" and "aah" over them at the Fremont Main Library! They're marvelous aren't they?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And the Winners Are . . .

Celebrate Fremont People Choice Award Winners

Margaret Thornberry, Nancy Pratt, Angela Villegas, Alvin Dockter, and Sue Chan

Presentation of Award Winners before Fremont City Council

One of the most popular exhibits at Celebrate Fremont @ the Park was the Art Pavillion. If you stopped by the 'Art, Not 4 Sale' tent, you saw the work of some wonderful local sculptors, painters, photographers, fabric artists and ceramicists - there was art galore!

Attendees met and chatted with the artists and voted for their favorite artist's work. No hanging chads or questionable ballots - although the votes were close, the winners are:

1st place - Angela Villegas, for her acrylic painting of the A's;

2nd place - Nancy Pratt, for her watercolor scenes of early Fremont

3rd place - Alvin Dockter, for his black and white photograph of Bird Island at Lake Elizabeth

Our People's Choice awardwinners were honored during the October 3 Fremont City Council meeting with a presentation by Creative Engagement Co-Chair Margaret Thornberry and Vice Chair, Sue Chan.

Congratulations Angela, Nancy, and Alvin!